Friday, April 4, 2008

March 30th Slow Supercells

well, I started this day off in Edmond, with Randy Rhea and Matt Hagy. Our target was Watonga, but we moved S as the sfc winds were beginning to back. Sure enough, 2 cells went up and we shot S and intercepted the first, at close range, with the base of the 2nd Cell in view. The first cell could get it's act together, so we ran W to get the 2nd cell. She was a beauty. Nice broad Mothership. Amazing. Best structure all year. It was nice to have an isolated cell with no BS cloud matter blocking view of the whole storm. We set up a ways out to get some structure shots, but we got bored and went in for the kill. Everyone and their mom was under the updraft. Played with it until dark. Broke waaaay east to Anadarko to get more miniDV tapes, then broke N to intercept again. The storm was going through Binger when we was a few power flashes, wrapped in rain. Followed it to Tuttle, shot some lightning, and drove home. There was a weird 3-cell cluster where the front of the cluster would rotate for a minute, then move to the N, the next Cell in the cluster would rotate, then move N and so on. Like a carousel. it was neat. On our way home, a cell to the W had isolated and started showing rotation. So we went for it, as we were close to home. We intercepted at 178th and Western, NW of Edmond, 1 mile from where the first EF1 damage occurred. Saw a lowering in precip that looked suspicious, then we saw powerflashes. Headed E through town, where the power was out due to a damaged substation. Got harassed by a dumb edmond cop. Got on 35N to get another look. Apparently we were looking at a tornado without even knowing it. It didn't look like it was on the ground but it was producing damage. Tried to follow it NE but ran into some washed-out county roads.

418 Miles.

Such a great chase. I LOOOOOOVE slow moving SUPs. very nice.

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