Friday, March 28, 2008

March 27th Suprise Supercells

Well, I started the day early in Stillwater, with no intention of chasing supercells. I thought if I make it back to Tulsa in time, I could film some BS storms for KTUL. So I headed to the KGB house in Edmond, to setup my new Tahoe, and get her ready for the chase season ahead. Randy Rhea stopped by on his afternoon lunch break, we had some pizza, then he went back to work. I was about to head back towards Tulsa when randy called an informed me of towers off to the East. Hmm. Looked East, then pulled over to get "white lightning" ready for her first chase. Supercell in Okfuskee County moving at a whopping 22 MPH. So I break a few laws trying to get there, a "large tornado" which was probably just rainwrapped scud was reported. The coldfront was to the north, and Dicky McG suggested i catch the storm that went up just S of the tornadic cell. She was a beaut, dropping random golfballs out of the anvil canopy onto my new car. I caught the cell near Eufala and got very close to the disorganized(but TorWarned) wall cloud, got stuck in some mud, and decided to head E a little. More quarter sized hail with a few golfballs mixed in. Filmed some crappy video for KTUL and went to Glenpool.

256 miles.

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