Tuesday, March 18, 2008

March 17th NW TX "chase"

Well, I started the day in Glenpool, woke up early, and met Ryan Warford and Randy Rhea at the KGB house in Edmond. We Headed out for Wichita Falls around noon. A little late, but it didn't matter. When we got to Wichita Falls, we decided to keep going to Seymour. Ran into Jeff Snyder, said hello. We held our ground there as storms struggled to sustain themselves. One storm near Abilene went TORwarned and another cell went up just S of us neat Throckmorton. We busted S to intercept. when we got there, it had a bit on an elongate updraft, but it did have a wallcloud with some rising motion. we followed it down a dead end county road (thanks delorme) and by the time we got back to our highway. it had split and the left split had accelerated towards OK. We could make out 2 wall clouds on that cell for a few minutes as we tried to follow it. As we went through Seymour, we decided it was a lost cause and were debating on heading 200 miles east into the new watch. I chased SE OK last week for KTUL video, and I will never do it again. Those hills and highways are hell for a chaser. So we chased a pack of wild boar, and Steve Miller pulled up. Said hello, then we headed North towards home. Mike Ratliff passed us, then i called him to let him know I wasn't a copper. We tried to stop and take a few lightning shots, but the rain always overtook us. Then we got home(Edmond), and I went to bed knowing that the next day I would spend alot of the next day filming flooding in southern Tulsa county.

822 miles

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