Friday, April 4, 2008

April 3, Moderate Risk NC TX/SC OK

Well, the night before I drove from Tulsa to OKC pick up Ryan Warford, Randy Rhea, and Matt Hagy. We decided to drive to my mom's house in Decatur, TX to be in better position. Had a fun night, woke up, had a fun morning, and got the Tahoe ready for some bumpy-ass TX county roads. Headed W towards Wichita Falls. As we were on our way, a storm went up and we intercepted near Archer City. It looked very nice. Good wall cloud with decent motion. Unfortunately the day was downhill from here. Followed it E, Drove into someones driveway (THANKS DELORME!) and then it took off and left us in the dirt. Literally. hahah we actually accidentally met up with a chaser caravan through some dirt county roads. It was a parade of 6 chasers, with Amos Magliocco right in front of us. The storm looked terrible and we took 35N back into OK to catch anything that would go up on the triple-point, but that never happened. Some storms went up on an OFB but the ColdFront swooped in. We intercepted a nice cell NE of Pauls Valley, With a very nice outflow dominant structure. Best Shelf I have seen in a long time. Then we headed back to OKC to drop everyone off, and I went back to Tulsa.

857 miles. It's never a good feeling to chase a moderate risk and not see any tornadoes. Which has been the case twice in 4 days. The good news is with us 4 guys, theres always a good time to be had. Even bust chases are fun with these kids. They're the best chase partners I could ask for and I appreciate them.

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Steve Miller said...

You're damn lucky. I can't imagine how many moderate risks I have chased and not managed a tornado of it!
Keep it up!