Friday, April 4, 2008

March 31st Moderate risk

Started the day once again in Edmond, with convection across most of OK. With a Tornado watch already in place, I decided to head S to catch a developing supercell near Newcastle. Decent structure, but she was elevated. So I headed E out of Chickasha to catchup with the next one near Lindsey. Looked pretty good on radar, but not too good in person. Dropped S for number 3 in Garvin County. Came up behind it and found hail covering the ground, some up to almost baseball sized. Decided to jump on 35 and head S into TX. Met up with Michael Ratliff and one of his buddies. Gassed up and went back into Oklahoma to catch a Tornado Warned cell just NE of Durant. Man I love my new 4x4 tahoe. Amazing. Followed it E all the way to 70, then we decided to jump N to antlers to intercept another TorWarned "cell." I dropped back S of town as the cell was turning right a little. I took some county roads SW of town, and got very close to the wall cloud. It was only organized for a few minutes. I ran into some very muddy roads, but White Lightning handled it with no problem at all. Got up close and personal with the "wall cloud" which was looking less and less organized and eventually shelfed out. Sat about 7 miles S of Antlers waiting for Randy Rhea to meet up with me. Shot some lightning in the whalesmouth for KTUL. Hung out with fellow STer and talked storms for about 20 minutes. It was cool to meet a fellow chaser. He left and I went back into town to steal WIFI from a motel and send my video in.

528 miles. got on 5 SUPs this day, no naders. None of them looked very healthy, esp. for a moderate risk. But I'll chase anything.

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