Thursday, May 15, 2008

May 10th tornado update.

It's kinda funny how things turn out. A few days after the 10th we were doing some local chasing near Purcell, and I received a call from Michelle of the MO national guard. She wanted to talk about SGT Eddie Hukill. Apparently the young man I drove to the hospital was a Sergeant for the Missouri National Guard. She wanted to thank me for saving his life. The doctors said that had he gotten there 5 minutes later, he likely would have died.

It's just strange how me getting stuck in the mud near Chetopa led me to save a man's life. I thought my day was going to end like all of my other "almost got a nader" days where I just mope around until the next chase. But for some reason, I felt like I needed to keep following this storm, which was now moving at 60+mph. I can't explain why. I knew I wasn't going to catch it. Strange. I'm not one to force my beliefs onto people, but I believe there were higher powers at work.

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