Sunday, May 11, 2008

May 7th text message marathon/storm chase. minus the storms.

So I started this day off in Glenpool. My best friends, Randy Rhea and Josh Gregory, tagged along today. Pretty boring day. Drove to Paris, TX, met up with Randy Hicks and the outlaw crew. Michael Ratliff showed up. Right as Ratliff showed up, his wife called, and said she could see a tornado(landspout) from their front yard(Yukon, OK). Fantastic. He drove to TX and missed a nader in his front yard. So a few hours go by, our storm died, waited some more. I went into a gas station to get some food and use the little boys room, and when I returned to the car, I had 4 missed calls and 23 text messages. There was a tornado warning issued for southern Tulsa CO and instead of turning on the tv or taking cover, everyone that i know decided top call me or text me for info. TURN ON YOUR FREAKING TV'S PEOPLE! I AM NOT A WEATHER TIP HOTLINE! anyways, I guess there were brief touchdowns in Bixby and Broken Arrow. Our storm had gusted out and had a cool whales mouth but we decided to drive home. the end.

406 miles. Meh.

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