Sunday, October 5, 2008

June 12th KS tornadoes.

We left from OKC and met up with Michael Ratliff and his buddy. We met some storms near Strong City, KS and saw some amazing rotation. At one point we were looking straight up into a funnel(video soon). It's been a few months since this happened, so I don't have many details. we caught a stovepipe tornado not far from Strong City, or Cottonwood Falls(same tornado as Brandon Ivey, i believe) and then followed it east, and saw one more brief touchdown. At one point we ran into the Samaras crew. anyways, I will have video up sometime within the next month. Hopefully.

538 miles.

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Lanny said...

Hey Mike, Tulsa area Chaser Get Together!!!!
On Saturday Jan 31 from 12:00pm till 8pm.....would like to see you there if you can.
You interested?